Coaching with Lisha Antiqua
You getting the results you want from coaching is important to me.  Sometimes, you just need a boost and some prospective to help you bust through to your next level. On this page you are welcome to schedule a single session  up to 12 sessions of private coaching. 
Private Coaching Sessions
Schedule one, or a series of private coaching sessions with Lisha Antiqua. 
These result driven sessions will bust through limitations, create clarity so you can accomplish your desires. 

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About Lisha Antiqua - 

I am here to help you drop into your very essence.  To end the fight with your past, limiting beliefs and past trauma so you can serve in the world like the warrior you are here to be. 

Lisha Antiqua is the trauma transformer here to serve by helping you get discover your truth, find your passion and transform your life. 

You will be investing in yourself - for a 60 minute private coaching session with Lisha Antiqua - the trauma transformer.  Normally her rate is $250 an hour however for the next few days she is offering you the chance to work with her at a pay what you can rate.  
Lisha Antiqua
CEO / Founder
Your Own University
Transformation session 
What you will get from coaching with Lisha- 
Bust through limiting beliefs to make aligned powerful decisions. 
Create lasting change in your life, in health, joy and relationships
Discover how to align with your freedom, abundance and peace. 
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