Heal negative thinking, old limiting beliefs and retrain your brain. 
Heal your mindset
Trauma lives in your brain. In this course you will learn breakthrough techniques to heal brain and begin rewiring your brain to work for you instead of against you. 

Skills You'll Get
You will learn the 6 layers of awareness that creates your body
and how to reclaim your power in each of these
layers to create your personalized map to health.
You will learn a yoga sequence to help heal your nervous system
and help to heal your relationshipwith your body, your image and health. 
Get Chapters 1 and 2 of The Identity Code to print and work through again at your own pace. 

Video Classes
Hours of classes within the 6 layers of this power-zone. To help you make powerful choices and learn how to master your health. 
Yoga Classes
This module focuses on healing your nervous system and healing your spine. While helping you to heal your relationship with your body. 

Hypnotherapy, mediations, and mindset subliminal for long lasting results and easier. 
As a member of our online community, private therapy with Dr. Lisha or the team of Amazing You coaches. 

Voxer Support
Get personal support with 60 minutes of open Q and A or accountability with Dr. Lisha or an Amazing You coach.  
Become a community member and get a FREE support call with your purchase. ($222 value)
A Word From Our Students:
The Amazing You journey was not at all what I expected. I was thinking I would be told what to do, and learn some new skills. What I found was me. I got a raise on all levels of my life. I will do it again, as this lifetime membership is worth gold. I also released 20 lbs of dead weight and am enjoying life again. 
Ashley  N
Amazing YOU group
Lisha is awesome. As someone that endured abuse as a child and teenager, Lisha helped me to face my demons, she taught me coping mechanisms that help tremendously. Take it form me, an indivistual who contemplated SI, with Amazing YOU and her help I don't think about it anymore. I truly beleive God had sent me her. 
Lillian M
Amazing YOU with therapy
Dr. Lisha Antiqua is a knowledgeable, caring, fun-loving coach/therapist! Though she is especially effective as a "trauma transformer" she is also extremeley helpful for anyone (including males) interested in reclaiming their lives, living in balance and taking great care of themselves. I have already experienced dramatic progress in all area of my life. 
David C
Amazing You with coaching

Hi, I am Dr. Lisha Antiqua and want you to know I am by your side, as you journey through each zone.  You will discover how unique and powerful you are. Reach out for support and accountability as you would like. And I hope you join us for our online S.H.E. or H.I.M. meetings each month. 

What this program is all about
This program is designed to help you drop your victim, survivor identity and build your authentic confident self.  While working through this program online, you will have opportunities to join our monthly q and a calls and get your questions answered.  This program is also available with trained trauma informed coaches or working directly with Dr. Lisha Antiqua in her online private practice. 
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Will just one power zone help me or do I need them all?
This award winning program is most effective when done all together, however, after years of walking clients through the complete program Dr. Lisha realized that some people are already very confident and self aware in one or more power zones.  This online self lead program is perfect for you, if you want to dip your toe in to Identity work, but are not ready to jump all the way in.  If you need to save money or want to go at your own pace or if you feel the effects of trauma in one area of your life but not all of them. 

What are the different power zones? 
Trauma lives on like a pulse through the lives of the victims lives long after the victimization. The power zones are area's of personal power and the area's trauma lives on.

When you recover your power, your choice, your will in each zone your life will transform for the better and you will know how amazing you are.

The Power Zones

Your physical body.
Your mental mind.
Your emotional feelings. 

Your electromagnetic field/Spiritual
Your relationship
Your value and purpose

When you check out, choose one of the power zones to begin or get a discount when you purchase the entire course.

Lisha Antiqua   |   Ph.D. 

Enroll now. To start building the live of your dream
Healing trauma is an inside job that will effect every area of your life. Many of my clients, make more money, heal broken relationships, find love and heal from physical and mental disease. This course can be used on it's own, as a guide with your therapist or with a certified Identity Code coach or with Dr. Lisha Antiqua herself, You never have to do it all on your own again. 
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